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Brand Story

The brand name of Fanture was inspired from the founding team's good wishes for a "FANTASTIC FUTURE".

The average person walks 7,500 steps a day, if we walk 50 years in a lifetime, that will be 136 million steps, 82,000 kilometers, amount to morethan twice the circumference of the earth's equator.
As a team specializing in footwear development and sales for 15 years, Fanture's founding team has been assiduously striving to create shoes that are both comfortable and functional, accompanying everyone walking through the long life journey.

By chance, Fanture team started the development of functional cushioning recovery footwear. After three years of continuous development
and upgrading in materials, styles, functions and other aspects, as well as the preliminary sales test on the market, the first series with five
styles of Fanture recovery shoes were successfully launched in 2018. More styles and types are still ongoing design and development.

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.Super high customer satisfaction makes us more confident: a pair of
comfortable shoes can make us easier to walk and enjoy life more. Fanture team will continue to develop and upgrade our products in line
with the original intention of creating a series of shoes as comfortable as "WALKING ON CLOUDS" for people in pursuit of quality life.
Let Fanture be known to and loved by more and more people around the world.

FANTURE Comfortable choice