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Fanture Halo Best Sandlas For Plantar Fasciitis

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  • Style:FA005
  • ORTHOTIC ARCH SUPPORT : The arch support built into the flip flop provides support to the foot in the static position while standing. It also controls the foot and restricts excess pronation during the dynamic stage, i.e.: while walking and moving around.
  • IMPACT ABSORPTION & STRESS REDUCTION: Specific FANSLITE material & AU RELIEF TECHNOLOGY absorb more impact than normal absorb more impact than normal flip flops, help reduce gravity pressure, shock, tension and stress on ankle, knees and feet.
  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORT: The anatomical design of the foot bed is comfortable and forgiving, flexible and cushiony, will accommodate most foot types instantly. Makes you feeling nothing and just like walking in the clouds.
  • HELP TO FOOT PAIN RELIEF & RECOVERY: Foot pain diseases: plantar fasciitis, heel spur, flat feet, arthritis, neuritis, achilles tendinitis, bunions, metarsalgia, esamoiditis, shin splints, hallux rigidus, hammer toes, fibromyalgia, etc. Recovery after everyday workout: walking, rambling, running, jumping, cycling, swimming, ball sports, rambling, holiday, leisure and work. Be your daily company!
  • Due to the materials used, this product will shrink to a smalller size under high temperature and direct sunlight. Please keep it in normal temperature, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight when you go to the beach or ship.

Customer Reviews

Walking on a cloud

rose - (Posted on 2/20/2019)

Size: M10/W12 Color: Black
I can not do without them, my feet hurt with any other shoes. Neuropathy from chemo ruined my feet.

Better than slippers

t.y - (Posted on 2/12/2019)

Size: M10/W12 Color: Black
Very comfortable and supportive! I like wearing them in the house.

fanture are the best shoes ever!

Gina Frye - (Posted on 2/6/2019)

Size: M12/W14 Color: Black
I had a wreck several years ago and broke both my ankles and my right heel. I have arthritis terrible now. I also have a heel spur in my left heel. I about ankle & feet pain. I first bought the fanture flip flops. I fell in love with them. At work, I cannot wear open toed shoes so I decided to purchase the clog. I have wore them all day today, and well, I am in love again! I love these light weight, comfy shoes! I will probably purchase more!!

Great arch support—snug fit

Kip - (Posted on 1/29/2019)

Size: M11/W13 Color: Black
Great arch support! Super snug fit though, so that took some getting used to as I normally wear roomier shoes. Very squishy/supportive in the best way. This shoe offloads weight from the heel to the arch and forefoot, which is a relief for those of us who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Amazing for plantar fasciitis

Jill A. - (Posted on 1/25/2019)

Size: M10/W12 Color: Black
Best shoes EVER for plantar fasciitis. I have custom made orthodics that cost over $300. They do not even compare to these shoes. All day....everyday some kind of fanture are on my feet. I can't believe how much better my feet feel. Life changing shoes. I did order one size larger in the clogs than the sandals

Look great

Cierra S - (Posted on 1/19/2019)

Size: M7/W9 Color: Black
Husband loves them. First pair, will buy this brand again.

If you have plantar fasciitis - GET THESE!

Becky Cowan - (Posted on 1/16/2019)

Size: M9/W11 Color: Black
These are AMAZING. I want them in all colors. I have horrible plantar fasciitis and these shoes are the only ones I can wear to work (in retail on my feet) and be comfortable. I highly recommend these and the sandals!

So comfortable!!!

J Allen - (Posted on 1/13/2019)

Size: M12/W14 Color: Black
Love love love these!!!

softest foam out there -

Gary L Takvorian - (Posted on 1/10/2019)

Size: M6/W8 Color: Black
These are great shoes for arch support. Since my first pair, I have ordered two other styles because they are so comfortable.

Plantar Fasciitis (PF) Heaven

J - (Posted on 1/7/2019)

Size: M10/W12 Color: Black
I am not going to write a long review. I have had PF for over 2 years. I eagerly anticipate putting these sandals on after a long day. Great relief, period!!! Bought a pair for my wife, just because she is a nurse and is on her feet all day. She loves coming home and putting them on her feet after a long day on the ICU. These things are comfy!!

Great quality

Hong Lee - (Posted on 1/2/2019)

Size: M10/W12 Color: Navy
I am normally a 10 in shoes and it fits well. It is very comfortable and it feels like you are walking on air. Great iob!

Comfort and support

Jamie Layana - (Posted on 12/29/2018)

Size: M12/W14 Color: Black
My husband loves them! Great arch support.

Finally some relief!!

Angela Myers - (Posted on 12/24/2018)

Size: M6/W8 Color: Black
I bought Black, it's very neutral. I can wear size 6 in flip flops/thongs or 8 W shoes, (8 W i.e. Men's 6, EU 39), the 8 W is perfect. It's not tight across the strapsathe toe piece is elongated, not round nor hard and have not had any rubbing. Even on a tile floor, with each step I felt the cushion, arch support and the foot bottom is stable. These are not your typical thong/flip flops.

Love, love

Susan Haddock - (Posted on 12/19/2018)

Size: M8/W10 Color: Black
Love, love, love them. I thought they were going to be too small at first but wore them around the house and they fit perfectly. No pain from Morton's Neuroma when I wear them. Even if you think they are a bit too small, wear them around and they will fit!

Airy and soft

Nancy C. Nash - (Posted on 12/18/2018)

Size: M12/W14 Color: Black
These are the most comfortable clogs I have ever worn. I love the arch support - they are sturdy yet are so light to wear. They are a joy to wear.

So comfortable!!!

Krayon - (Posted on 12/15/2018)

Size: M9/W11 Color: Black
THE ONLY shoe that has taken away my foot pain! I'm on my feet 10-12 hrs straight and these are outstanding! I have flat feet and bunions. Any other nursing shoe has been tolerable, but these are amazing! They actually are bouncy and throw your weight back off of your toes. HIGHLY recommend for anyone with ANY foot issues.

These are A M A Z I N G !

Justin - (Posted on 12/11/2018)

Size: M8/W10 Color: Black
These are A M A Z I N G ! I am a carpenter who works 12 hours, mostly on my feet. In addition, I have huge, enormous bunions. Regular clogs do not work for me and I was tired of wearing holes in my sneakers from my bunions. These are perfect! My only suggestion is to order up so that you can wear them with socks. I bought a pair in my normal size but gave them to my son and ordered another pair.

Great support.

Megan - (Posted on 12/7/2018)

Size: M11/W13 Color: Black
Great support. I bought the sliders and decided to purchase clogs for daily wear, they have worked well, less stylish than others but for me more comfortable.

These are miracle shoes!

Kenneth - (Posted on 11/25/2018)

Size: M11/W13 Color: Black
I'm an ICU nurse and I'm on my feet for most of my 12hr shifts. I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot. The pain was terrible and I was limping out of work each day. I tried new balance running shoes, professional Crocks, Danskos, and Alegria. Nothing helped. So I gave Fanture a try in a last ditch effort. These are miracle shoes! Wore them a whole shift and while I still had a bit of heel pain I wasn't limping. Started wearing them all the time and now the plantar fasciitis is gone! I've been singing their praises to my fellow nurses and soon my whole unit will be in them. I only wish they came in more colors and patterns.

I just wish they made these in dress shoes

stargal - (Posted on 10/16/2016)

Size: M8/W10 Color: Black
I just wish they made these in dress shoes! I could wear these all day and find myself wearing them to the office before clients come in. I will be getting a second pair to keep there for before and after work use just because of the comfort level. I walk the dogs on a daily basis in these one mile in the morning and one mile in the evening with no issues. These shoes complete my feet! I have flat feet and they are in heaven when I wear them. My calf and back even has relief when I wear them. I also run/walk a lot these are my go to shoes when I take my runners off. My only regret is not getting them sooner. I was so pleased to hear my runner friends talking about them and how they've helped ease pressure on their feet, legs and back issues from running or just being on their feet a lot.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE

Andy - (Posted on 10/14/2016)

Size: M7.5/W9.5 Color: Black
I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these shoes, and I have highly recommended them to several people I know. I had Plantar Fasciitis so bad that I hobbled around in pain all day long. I had heard from several friends that treatment from the doctor could include shots in the heel and possible surgery. After purchasing these shoes, and wearing them constantly everyday, after about a month my heel no longer hurt. I could walk on it barefoot without any sharp shooting pain. I never went to the doctor, yet my Plantar Fasciitis is completely gone!!! The only issue I have with these shoes is that they really dry my feet out because of the material they are made from, but it is worth it to not have the pain in my heel anymore. Just make sure you put plenty of healing lotion on every night before bed and it should alleviate the problem. I also use Heal Tastic in conjunction with these shoes because the sides of my heels get cracked and so day.

Love shoes

Ashley Brown - (Posted on 10/12/2016)

Size: M12/W14 Color: Black
Love shoes had to return it because a large fit likr a small

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