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Fanture Luxe Ultimate - Rainbow Blue Best Sandlas For Plantar Fasciitis

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  • Style:FA001PD-Blue
  • ORTHOTIC ARCH SUPPORT : The arch support built into the flip flop provides support to the foot in the static position while standing. It also controls the foot and restricts excess pronation during the dynamic stage, i.e.: while walking and moving around.
  • IMPACT ABSORPTION & STRESS REDUCTION: Specific FANSLITE material & AU RELIEF TECHNOLOGY absorb more impact than normal absorb more impact than normal flip flops, help reduce gravity pressure, shock, tension and stress on ankle, knees and feet.
  • EXTREMELY LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORT: The anatomical design of the foot bed is comfortable and forgiving, flexible and cushiony, will accommodate most foot types instantly. Makes you feeling nothing and just like walking in the clouds.
  • HELP TO FOOT PAIN RELIEF & RECOVERY: Foot pain diseases: plantar fasciitis, heel spur, flat feet, arthritis, neuritis, achilles tendinitis, bunions, metarsalgia, esamoiditis, shin splints, hallux rigidus, hammer toes, fibromyalgia, etc. Recovery after everyday workout: walking, rambling, running, jumping, cycling, swimming, ball sports, rambling, holiday, leisure and work. Be your daily company!
  • Due to the materials used, this product will shrink to a smalller size under high temperature and direct sunlight. Please keep it in normal temperature, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight when you go to the beach or ship.

Customer Reviews

Really soft and comfortable

Dotman - (Posted on 1/10/2019)

Size: M5/W7 Color: Blue
I put these on when I get home from work and they are a real treat. The arch is firm enough to maintain its shape. I do not know how they would be to wear everyday because they are so soft. My back may pay if I wore them all of the time. The heel is raised up a bit and I have to be careful not to fall off of them if I make a quick turn. I would buy them again.

Like walking on a cloud

M Cleary - (Posted on 1/2/2019)

Size: M8/W10 Color: Blue
I have really high arches and these sandals cushion like no other. The cushioning goes right up into my arch and it feels great. I do trip in these on occasion like I did in my crocs.

Best pregnancy shoes!

stephanie c. - (Posted on 12/24/2018)

Size: M8/W10 Color: Blue
I am pregnant and bought these because my feet hurt from my regular flip flops. I bought a size larger than I normally wear, as my feet were very swollen last pregnancy. These are the most comfortable shoes I own. It is like walking on pool noodles. The size up makes them look pretty large, but again: COMFORT. The color is bright, the shoes float, I can wear them all day. I should buy another pair in a more work appropriate color, but the Rainbow Blue is so fun and makes these a conversation piece! I will keep wearing these after my feet return to normal. Great arch support, cushion for heels.

Fanture is like walking on clouds

Connie Anderson - (Posted on 12/12/2018)

Size: M9/W11 Color: Blue
My wife and son all wear Fanture need i say more, if anyone knows of a shoe more comfortable I would like to know because that seems to me to be impossible.

I needed comfort and these delivered.

John W. Bingham - (Posted on 12/12/2018)

Size: M6/W8 Color: Blue
These are amazing. A friend told me about fanture because she had plantar fasciitis and she said they felt like clouds when she walked in them. I bought some because my feet hurt walking around on my hardwood floor in my house barefoot. Now I wear these all the time and my feet don’t hurt when I walk in them. Only downside is they’re not super stylish but I didn’t buy them for that reason. I needed comfort and these delivered.

Just perfect!

AWhite - (Posted on 12/4/2018)

Size: M8/W10 Color: Blue
Love these flip flops! We have a very hard floor and I am on my feet all day. These have given my back, hips and feet the relief I was in desperate need of.I ordered a size slightly larger than my shoe size after reading other reviews, and was glad I had taken the time to do so. The Rainbow Blue was just as other reviewers stated, a great shade and an 'as expected' fit. Thanks!Will definitely be buying theses again, for me and for a gift.

Great shoes!

Stephen J. Hall - (Posted on 12/3/2018)

Size: M4.5/W6.5 Color: Blue
These shoes are so comfortable! Lots of spring, and a good arch support. They were about a half size big, but since they don't come in half sizes I guess that's par for the course. It's not enough to keep me from giving them a five star rating though. I wish I'd found these years ago, since I have plantar fasciitis. These really help.

This is the perfect sandal for recovering from a foot injury.

Edward - (Posted on 11/27/2018)

Size: M5/W7 Color: Blue
This is the perfect sandal for recovering from a foot injury. I have chronic sesamoiditis from a running injury and recently learned that walking barefoot around the house is TERRIBLE for your feet. They are reasonably easy to slip into when I get home and wearing them is like floating on a cloud which takes most of the pressure off of the ball of my foot -- really supportive. These are it. Low profile, well designed, and worth the money!

I wear a size

Grammy Shannon - (Posted on 10/18/2016)

Size: M8/W10 Color: Blue
I wear a size 10 in everyday women's shoes and a size 10.5 in women's running shoes. I ordered size 10W and they fit perfectly. These are extremely comfortable and supportive for recovery after runs.

Great shoes

leslyann baptiste - (Posted on 10/18/2016)

Size: M8/W10 Color: Blue
Great shoes, looks rich and an made wll !

Fit perfectly!

Moscovite - (Posted on 10/14/2016)

Size: M8/W10 Color: Blue
Fit perfectly! I loved it!

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