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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 394 Reviews

Love these thongs by Julia on 03/08/2019

They are fantastic and for the first time in over a year I can walk without to much pain

Thongs by Julia 56 on 03/08/2019

Best thongs I've ever worn

So comfortable. Love Them! by pam glick on 03/04/2019

Super bequem Flip Flop.

Cure-All for Foot Woes by Judith Adams Streek on 03/01/2019

These shoes came today. I slipped my feet in them and I couldn't believe how wonderful they feel. I broke my foot by dropping a 35LB weight on it at the gym last year. I have plantar fasciitis and I developed a Morton's neuroma last year and have to have surgery to have that removed as well as a bunionectomy, so my feet are really bad.I bought some Vionic flip flops a couple of months ago to go to Central America and I paid about the same price for them as I did these and they were horrible. I had blisters all over the place and my feel hurt so much. These are marvelous. Although I haven't walked much in these yet, I got them because we are going to Cuba and Dominican Republic this week. I can already tell they are wonderful and can't wait to wear them. FANTURE you've made me a believer. This seller is great too!

Schuhe sind gut verarbeitet und riechen nicht by Herbert Bauer on 03/01/2019

I love these shoes! They are squishy and so comfortable! I wear them around the house all day long. One caution though; I wore them outside to water my flowers, and when the inside of the shoe got wet, I slipped in them and almost fell. They are very, very slippery inside when wet. On the other hand, they are very easy to rinse off if you wear them in the garden and they get muddy. In the meantime, they are so comfortable, I love wearing them!

good flip flops! by Sabine H. on 03/01/2019

Love these slippers! It feels like you are walking on marshmallows.We have marble floors in the house and I wear the slippers to prevent back aches and foot fatigue, especially when cooking or doing household chores.I keep one pair for outdoors and one for indoors.They run one size large so I would suggest ordering one size down.

LOVE these. I saw a server in Hawaii wearing ... by pascale w on 02/28/2019

They are verrrry comfy, so soft to walk on. Arrived extremely fast and well packaged. I had ordered previously a size smaller, they were way too small. So ordered a size bigger, now they are way too big. So sizing is a challenge.

Great for Ball of Foot Pain by Laigh Barrett on 02/28/2019

Length is perfect.

Nirvana for your feet by Phil Sand on 02/28/2019

Love these. I have some Sandels kind of like these that are orthopedic and too expensive. So glad I found these!

Best Flip Flops for Hurting Feet! by Crystal crystal on 02/28/2019

Very good I love I feel happy with my sandal

Plantar Fasciitis sufferers, SUFFER NO MORE! by Janis Chiu on 02/27/2019

Order one size bigger and fit well. Its a good deal. Takes a while to get used to it tho.

Of ten brands tried, these are tied for the top! by NoeleenPeter HamGlover on 02/26/2019

Very comfortable love them

Fit wide foot, would purchase again by Miguelina Ruiz on 02/26/2019

Very comfy to walk in. 2nd purchase. Bought a total of 4 pairs for myself & family. We are all very happy with it. Highly recommended. Fast delivery, came in just one week.

I have developed planter facitis to the degree it is ... by Scott Gardiner on 02/26/2019

Really Comfortable and supportive shoe

Good by Nanc on 02/25/2019

Looks like a good shoe

excellent shoe by Calen Chang on 02/25/2019

Fast shipping. Quality is well worth the money.

Never able to wear flip Flops until these by asif rehman on 02/24/2019

Fab item very quick delivery and a great price

My feet are complete! by Laigh Barrett on 02/23/2019

I just wish they made these in dress shoes! I could wear these all day and find myself wearing them to the office before clients come in. I will be getting a second pair to keep there for before and after work use just because of the comfort level. I walk the dogs on a daily basis in these one mile in the morning and one mile in the evening with no issues. These shoes complete my feet! I have flat feet and they are in heaven when I wear them. My calf and back even has relief when I wear them. I also run/walk a lot these are my go to shoes when I take my runners off. My only regret is not getting them sooner. I was so pleased to hear my runner friends talking about them and how they've helped ease pressure on their feet, legs and back issues from running or just being on their feet a lot.

super flat feet, can GO FOR A RUN in these, so comfy and supportive by Paulette Long on 02/23/2019

Very good I love I feel happy with my sandal

BUY NOW, WONT REGRET. by Connie Curtsinger on 02/22/2019

Love them, very soft and comfortable.

Walking on a cloud by rose on 02/20/2019

Size: M10/W12 Color: Black
I can not do without them, my feet hurt with any other shoes. Neuropathy from chemo ruined my feet.

Relieve my foot pain! by Lowell Baudouin on 02/20/2019

Size: M11/W13 Color: SA.Grey
Before finding these clogs, I always had foot pain, hardly walk with any shoes, including extra wide athletic sport shoes. I have tried many different insoles, inserts, and supports, but they didn't work. After wearing these clogs, I can walk freely and stand whole day at work! My life-saver

Extremely comfortable by J. M. Leas on 02/19/2019

Size: M6/W8 Color: Black
Love these shoes. Very comfortable, true to size

These could be the perfect sandal.... by JANE TIERNAN on 02/19/2019

Excellent product and very cheap

These sandals are so comfortable by Tammi on 02/18/2019

Size: M12/W14 Color: Black
These sandals are awesome and so comfortable! I need surgery on my ankle and these sandals are so supportive and comfortable I think I just bought some time. I was in a lot of pain considering doing the surgery sooner than later and now it's the opposite because they have helped alleviate so much of my pain.

Size up! by Rylie Turner on 02/18/2019

Size: M7.5/W9.5 Color: Navy
I love these shoes!!! I’m in the medical field and I am on my feet a lot...the arch support helps my back. I sized up one size as the previous size I had to return.

Highly recommend. ☺ by leatrice Dean on 02/18/2019

Size: M8/W10 Color: MA.Brown
Highly recommend. These are the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever tried on. I wear them to work, and there slip resistent soles work well. I plan on buying them in flip flops form soon.

Anyone with plantar fasciitis needs to own a pair! by Ryz Ramly on 02/18/2019

The slippers is comfortable. Design is nice. I like it.

Best pair of shoes, worth the cost! by Sandrine Foulloy on 02/18/2019

Fit me perfectly. Great quality. Might?buy a spare pair soon.

These REALLY work by Tim on 02/17/2019

Size: M9/W11 Color: Black
These are the most comfortable footwear I have ever worn. They seem ridiculously over priced, but still worth it. I wouldn't be surprised if they cost less than a dollar to make a pair. They seem like cheap foam that would wear out quickly, but this is the second pair I've bought, and I've probably walked close to 100 miles in them, and I don't see any noticeable wear. If you have pain in your feet when you walk, I would give these a try.

Sooo comfortable! by Sweet Stuff on 02/17/2019

Size: M12/W14 Color: SH.Black
These are the most comfortable shoes I've ever had on my feet! A lot of people say it's like walking on clouds, and I would totally agree. I have many different foot problems and these make my feet feel so good! Now if they would only come up with some prettier designs, this company would rule the shoe world!!!

Love 'Em - Best I've Owned by Rochelle Rensch on 02/17/2019

Wow these shoes are great.Feel wonderful on my tired feet. Thank you wish for shipping them early..

Walking on air by Maria Nogueira Oubina on 02/16/2019


Most comfortable flip flops. by Jodi swanson on 02/15/2019

Size: M6/W8 Color: Black
My podiatrist recommended this brand & I have found them to be very supportive & comfortable.

Comfort by sbcgerber on 02/14/2019

Size: M7.5/W9.5 Color: Grey
I am a nurse and these are the best shoes. My legs and feet don’t hurt after 12 hours on my feet in these shoes. They are easy to wipe off and clean. Definitely recommend.

Fit as expected using the chart, very comfortable. by Maya on 02/13/2019

Size: M7/W9 Color: Black
I bought these after giving consideration to sizing as other reviewers have. Im Happy I did. I ordered my size according to the sizing chart and they fit perfectly. I’m usually all over the place in terms of shoe sizes and tend to buy on the smaller size as I have narrow feet. The fanture came very much as described. They are very comfortable, squishier than others sandals and flip flops I’ve worn, yet my feet feel very supported. I may try my next pair in fuchsia.

What a perfect sandal! by S. Zachery on 02/13/2019

Size: M12/W14 Color: Navy
I purchased these for my husband. He's a size 12 and these fit perfectly. He's says they are the most comfortable sandal he owns!

Walking on a large marshmallow. Comfortable. by Alison Kachel on 02/13/2019

These are very comfortable! I was told to wear them from the moment I jump out of bed to the moment I jump back in. I did it for a week and then decided to wear some "pretty" shoes; OMG, what a mistake! My ankles and heels ached for two days. Now I'm back to wearing these and the pain has gone. Highly recommend if you are having foot, shin, knee or hip pain.

Better than slippers by t.y on 02/12/2019

Size: M10/W12 Color: Black
Very comfortable and supportive! I like wearing them in the house.

My feet do not hurt by Poontai on 02/11/2019

Size: M6/W8 Color: SA.Grey
I am a nurse on my feet all day. I have had plantar fasciitis, tendinitis and general foot pain. Shoes are my enemy. I read reviews on this product and decided to try it. I have been wearing them 2 weeks and love them! There was an adjustment for the first couple of days but now I wear them all the time. They are not beautiful but I don’t care; my feet do not hurt. I will order again

Love em! by Pamela A. Hampton on 02/09/2019

Size: M9/W11 Color: Grey
ove the shoes! Took a day or two to get used to them but now they’re all I wear!

Very Comfortable by Anita Collins on 02/09/2019

Size: M7.5/W9.5 Color: Black
The shoes are very comfortable now. The first few days my left foot was burning and painful. I have nerve damage in my left leg and was hoping that these shoes would do the trick. After the first few days, the burning subsided a lot and I feel a lot less pain. I am used to them now and I love them.

love these shoes by babs on 02/09/2019

Size: M7/W9 Color: SH.Black
incredibly comfortable, on my feet 8 to 13 hr and have bone spurs on my heels best shoes I have found for my bone spurs and the arch support is so great

I Love These Wierd and Wonderful Footwear by Walt on 02/08/2019

Size: M9/W11 Color: Black
I have an injury prone ankle after years of high impact activities. They really help me avoid RICE episodes.

If you have plantar fasciitis - GET THESE! by Kristen on 02/08/2019

Size: M10/W12 Color: MA.Brown
These are AMAZING. I want them in all colors. I have horrible plantar fasciitis and these shoes are the only ones I can wear to work (in retail on my feet) and be comfortable. I highly recommend these and the sandals!

Like walking on clouds by Susanne Schwarzer on 02/08/2019

Love the blue. I'm a 38 but the 39 fits just right.

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! These by Robert McLawchlin on 02/07/2019

Size: M4/W6 Color: Cranberry
My husband and I both wear these. WE LOVE THEM! These flip flops are like walking on marshmallows. They are so light and comfortable that you will not go back to wearing any other summer shoe. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THESE!

fanture are the best shoes ever! by Gina Frye on 02/06/2019

Size: M12/W14 Color: Black
I had a wreck several years ago and broke both my ankles and my right heel. I have arthritis terrible now. I also have a heel spur in my left heel. I about ankle & feet pain. I first bought the fanture flip flops. I fell in love with them. At work, I cannot wear open toed shoes so I decided to purchase the clog. I have wore them all day today, and well, I am in love again! I love these light weight, comfy shoes! I will probably purchase more!!

Very comfortable by Fernanda on 02/05/2019

Size: M7/W9 Color: Grey
I really like this product. It seems like I’m stepping in the clouds. It’s very soft and very comfortable.

Cure-All for Foot Woes by Rags on 02/05/2019

Size: M9/W11 Color: Black
I love walking and was upset when I started experiencing pain in my right foot that made a walk of any distance a real problem. I went to see a podiatrist for the first time in my life. He suggested physical therapy to stretch my calf muscles, explaining that the lack of any hills or stairs was causing tight calf muscles that, in turn, caused problems for my feet. He also recommended wearing FANTURE all the time. I am now have pain-free feet and am back to walking four miles or more daily. I’m a believer!

FANTURE Recovery Footwear is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 394 user reviews.